Who is

EU-Nursing is an established and responsible employer in the German healthcare sector. Our many years of international experience in the field of finding and placing qualified nursing professionals enables you to achieve your professional goals in Germany.

Working in Germany, WE make YOUR dream come true!

As a very specialized service provider with a long tradition, we are aware of the special responsibility we have for our committed young foreign professionals. We guarantee that with our experience, competence, and loyalty we will make your integration into the German labour market and society a complete success.

Through our many years of experience, we know that starting a new life is the most difficult decision a person can make. That is why it is important to always be there for you, in person, and to be at your side as a loyal companion on your way to a successful new start in Germany.

We want permanently satisfied employees!
  • Many years of experience!
  • Competent contact persons in your country!
  • Keeping our promises is in our DNA

You benefit from our international team, which can draw on many years of experience and is always thus available to you as a competent contact partner both in your country of origin and in Germany.

We always comply with all labour laws in the Federal Republic of Germany and also oblige our client partners to do the same. Recruitment is a business based on mutual trust. EU-Nursing already places trust in you and invests in your training and in your future.
Contact us today so that we can discuss your personal questions and opportunities with you.
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What we offer

We offer you an all-round carefree package that guarantees you an easy-going start in Germany and allows you to concentrate on your essential task: Learning the German language.

We guarantee you a permanent position, so you can be sure, that an employer will be waiting for you as soon as you arrive in Germany. Our clients include the most renowned healthcare institutions throughout Germany. Your dream employer is also among them! At the same time, we will take care of the recognition process of your education so that you can work as a qualified nurse in Germany.

Fast! Now!

All-round carefree package

Fastest provider in Germany:
  • Three-month hospital training course in order to work as a qualified nurse in Germany
  • Care-free-package: No distractions from German language training for our candidates:
    • NO candidate cost for entire language training
    • FREE language-learning materials
    • NO candidates costs
    • NO hassle with authorities and visas
    • Social security from Day 1
    • FREE job interviews
    • FREE housing
    • FREE transfers
    • Unlimited working contract with best-in-class employer
    • Fair compensation according to German labour laws – no discounts for foreign nurses accepted!
    • Welcome-Package
Can I stay in Germany after my contract ends?

Of course, you can stay in Germany even after your contract has expired. If you wish, we will be happy to help you find a new employer.

Who we are
looking for

We are looking for you:

  • Motivated nurses with a high-quality education in your country of origin and the willingness to integrate in German society.
  • Explorative and intrinsically motivated personality.
  • Teamplayers who are fun to work with and are dedicated and have a passion for patients and medicine.
Take the plunge now! Ask us anything and plan your new life in Germany.
The key to professional and personal success in Germany is the German language.
Both the doctors in the facilities and your colleagues in nursing speak German. Despite your academic training, good language skills are essential. Of course, we will actively support you in learning the language.

The 4 steps
to goal


Contact us

Contact us at:
+49 364 325 750 06

We will discuss the next steps with you and answer your questions.



Send us your documents. We will take care of the recognition of the relevant documents such as certificates, exams and degrees in Germany.


Language course and integration training

Receive cultural awareness, professional language and German language training – free of charge for you.
Get to know your colleagues from your home country with whom you will be tavelling to Germany.


You finally made it

Job interviews, housing, and our full-service package awaits you


Our satisfied customers include nurses from all over the world. Read about your colleagues' experiences with EU-Nursing here.


Maria S.

Through EU-Nursing I got a great opportunity in Germany. Everything was prepared and well organised. I have been in Germany for 2 years now and would do it again.


Saya K.

I have been working happily in Germany for 3 years now and have gained many new experiences. Thanks to EU-Nursing the beginning in Germany was very easy for me. The new team is very nice and supports me in my work. My German has improved a lot since I have moved here. Now I can even fly home for the holidays and support my family at home safely.


Anastasia B.

The project is very good, and Germany is great. I am very happy that I decided to come to Germany. The new work is a lot of fun, and the language course was very interesting. I feel very comfortable here and have a secure future.

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